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Primal Instinct pheromone

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Primal Instinct pheromone
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Description of product "Primal Instinct pheromone":

Category: Female pheromones.Pheromone Primal Instinct. 
Collected within itself all the power and potency of some of the best - performing familiar pheromones. In many places / shops and world press / you can find information about it, which it characterized as the most - powerful known feromonalen product on the market. This is his feature fully protected after knowing the ultimate effectiveness of pheromone used in it, the maximum purity available on the market by 99.9 percent and aggressive high concentrations. Primal Instinct is the leading product of "the most - the old generation" attractants, while it was holding steady in the front seats and the impact on sales, thanks largely to "own nature" of the pheromone Androstenone, which is composed of.
Androstenone was the first mammalian pheromone, which is known primarily as a male, identified in large concentrations in saliva and sweat them up and usually dominant, aggressive aura. Therefore, he designed an aggressive alpha - an impression which can help you to become a center of attention and have some fun. Since alpha - aggressiveness often associated with sex and a good choice of partner, the sex pheromone creates vibrations and increases the sexual tension. Androstenone - at around makes people relate with - great respect and courtesy to people who use it. Amplifies the signals of dominance and aggression associated with sexual response. Cause sexual arousal in all women, most - highly susceptible to it are young women and girls. You can create aggression in some men, however, this feature is blunted. Influence women to engage in sexually liberated communication.
Basic Instinct for men is concentrated in itself the most - the good that can be expected by most - and most powerful - purified male pheromone - Androstenone. Sharpness of seduction, temptation and attraction - these are the absolute characteristics relevant to this pheromone, which turned it into a super powerful sexual magnet, and quite deservedly received high customer admiration.
Directions for mixing the Primal Instinct:
Each bottle of 10 ml. contains between 80 and 90 drops, 8 - 9 drops are equal to 1 milliliter. The strong concentration allows the addition and dilution of perfume from 15 to 20 ml. But no more. If you want to turn on - much of your favorite perfume in a powerful love potion and sex, then add an additional amount by the whole or dropper bottle of Primal Instinct on the same schedule. Most - the optimal concentration of Androstenone impact on women in middle age - 0.20 mg / ml, ie or 2 drops in sprays. The end result - you get a unique product, which always smells of your favorite fragrances, as they stand behind our guarantee to be strong enough concentrations - pheromones, unlike those finished and still offered the so-called. 'Perfume with pheromones to unknown and suspicious odors impersonal traces of pheromone nevliyaeshti effectively on VNO.Guidelines for use:Practice "cleared" by the characteristic odor of pheromones, Primal Instinct for men can be used directly by rubbing with your finger for 2 to 3 drops of concentrate, but after sufficient pre-treatment area of your aromatic product, because of their concentration ready and prepared, or you can mix is administered by 3 to 5 sprays / depending on the strength of the effect you are looking for /. I recommend - the best - optimal impact: girls under 18 - 1 drop or spray, girls and young women to 30 - 2 drops or spray, to 45 women - 50 years - 3 - 4 drops or spray, women over 50 - no more than 5. Due to the fact that the original product was created based oil binding Shake Well your perfume mixture to become completely homogeneous / uniform / before each spraying, otherwise feromonnata mixture remains on the surface in your bottle and you will burn only clean perfume. Otherwise, you need to know about oil-based products is that their impact on efficiency at a slightly reduced - high temperature / over 45 ° C / and - low humidity. Do not overdose! 
If you're using our basic instinct, you can reach even the opportunity to be with any woman who deserves to carry the title role in the film Basic Instinct Now is the time to take his great decision, because the greatest solutions come in as head of a man rarely that it is not difficult at all to remember. And that your decision I am sure he will remember for the rest zhivot.Samo one bottle can change your life forever!

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Quantity: 10ml. with built-in bottle with dropper
Types of pheromones in the product: Androstenone - 5 mg.
Total amount of pheromone in the product: 5 mg.
Average amount of pheromone in the product: 0.5 mg / ml.

Primal Instinct pheromone wholesale: For wholesale orders, please, contact МагазинВелосипеди.com from here.


Price 110.00 BGN

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