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Miniature detector for hidden cameras and podslushvateli

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Miniature detector for hidden cameras and podslushvateli
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Description of product "Miniature detector for hidden cameras and podslushvateli":

Category: Detectors
Miniature electronic device manufactured and designed for discrete RF scanning range of 100MHz to 2.6GHz.
Due to its small size and high sensitivity is an indispensable everyday assistant in our fight against against all types of listening devices - "Beetle" and small hidden cameras that broadcast information to a fixed radio frequency to 2.6GHz. 
Detect and locate: 
Detect all types and wireless microphones transmitting matter what country are produced, manufactured or custom / TNTM / development of any service used operating at any frequency. Now understand that without any problem can be detected most widely distributed etc. GSM beetles naturally operate on standard GSM bands from 869MHz to 2170MHz, according to state and license of the operator.
Discovering wireless mini cameras have never been so easy until now, mainly because they operate on massive factory that uses only standard operating frequency of 900MHz, 1.1GHz, 1.2GHz, 1.5GHz and 2.4-2.5GHz. In fact to be found and those operating at higher frequencies, but due to their rare and special proceedings and especially their extremely high prices, these devices are not at all popular and common and should not raise any concerns.
GPS tracking devices 
For a short time establish and locate the exact location of all types of GPS transmitters operating on standard 1450-1600 MHz, whether ordinary car or individual modules for different types of tracking.
WI-FI transmitter at 2.4GHz 
Massive influx of hidden IP cameras because of their convenience for online monitoring, has also not bother our nikogo.Chrez MINES DETECTION you can determine the presence of all transmitters of wireless internet.
BLUETOOTH devices 
Detect activity of Blue tooth, even at low power transmitted from a GSM handset. Usually its radio frequency of 2.4GHz headphones are connected, but can and various kinds of microphones and cameras to carry their concealed monitoring. Although little known range of 10m, are free to find BLUETOOTH powerful transmitters broadcasting over 100 meters.
Other electronic devices associated with specific activities eg. Wireless cues between partners in casinos and gaming halls ativirane through the mini vibrators in their bodies, mikroslushalki used on exams and more. 
Check the availability of ATM wireless mini cameras that look through your passwords. 
Find out if you use some GSM handset secret of secrets calls or send SMS-s. 
Widely used wireless hidden cameras in hotel rooms and dormitories, in bathrooms and public pools Swimming Pools in the toilets of pubs, shops or trial in beach locker rooms will no longer be any problem for you to find them. In addition it will protect your personal moral integrity and sexual intimacy, and you can seek and receive financial compensation through ovazmezdyavane by amoral perpetrators. 
In business, the existence of such "smart" device is more than required. Especially in these times of intense industrial espionage nobody is immune from interception or covert videofilmirane. Keep your trade secrets and confidential information from the eyes and ears of unfair competition or partners, colleagues and employees. 
Modern industrial espionage techniques allow fast and easy to install surveillance devices or throw in your offices, conference rooms, production facilities or fleet. Preventive visit after your company to potentially suspect visitor must then must "clean" places visited by him, because you the opportunity to "hang" with another beetle.
Is quite normal personal or corporate holidays, colleagues, partners, and even competition to give you or send gifts. You will naturally take them conscientiously followed the expressed sincere thanks to you. But more than satisfy the grateful and it may remain your "friend", rest assured that they are able to introduce his "Trojan horse" in your home or business. Technology has long demonstrated its technical capabilities, they have minimized the size and increase the scope of broadcasting multiple electronic devices, please use specifically for audio and video spying.
Gifts, gifts ... whether it is a heart ... and what you can have them ...
Incredible interest and now more affordable prices Special spyware interception of GSM phones provoke and facilitate more people to "donate" to every one of whom may gain valuable information they needed. When such a program is installed and in working order, it is completely invisible in any traditional way would you suggest that someone listens to conversations in real time or heard in the GSM handset microphone you everything you talk about it. But our MINI detector hidden cameras and bug in this case will intervene absolutely uncompromising and convincing for a few seconds to detect any activity of such a program. 
Test your GSM phones and you people close their strong and harmful radiation which they have. Many, especially older models maintain high levels of radiation, which everyone felt the familiar heat of the ear at a slightly longer conversation. Typical in this case these "killers of brain cells is that even when at rest without conducting conversations on them, the scanner captures much stronger radiation than the newer machines. This is still relatively, because the last phone model from some Asian mark can fry your brain very quickly, unlike some older, but brand model. So that protection to health, as tested by multiple scanner models and brands apparatus until such encounter with almost zero emission at rest. 
Check your microwave oven or other equipment, operating the magnetron elements leakage of harmful and even deadly electromagnetic radiation. 
1.Skanirashta radio frequency 100MHz-2600MHz 
2.A maximum distance of detection is 10 meters, the exact distances mainly depend on power, transmitters used by technical means themselves.
For example:
transmission power of the distance detection
50mv-200mv 30-50cm
300mv-600mv 100-200cm
800mv-1200mv 300-800cm
3.Smenyaema standard mini battery of 12V, widely used in remote car alarms, and therefore very little consumption scanner performs its impeccable pednaznachenie to 2 years. When the battery capacity falls below the critical minimum guarantees optimum sensitivity, sound indication stops working and remains only light, which means that the battery must be replaced.
4.Razmeri 95 x 33 x 11 mm..

Miniature detector for hidden cameras and podslushvateli wholesale: For wholesale orders, please, contact МагазинВелосипеди.com from here.


Price 59.00 BGN

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