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Male pheromone NPA

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Male pheromone NPA
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Description of product "Male pheromone NPA":

Category: Male pheromones.
NPA - New Pheromone Additive for men.
New feromonalna renewed and long overdue addition to the perfume has been manufactured and with pleasure I present it here for your consideration.
This product has the same mixture as the spray is available from the manufacturer in two specific scientific formulas developed - for men and women and is designed to be used as an additive to your favorite cologne, perfume or aftarsheyf. This is a strong flavored concentrate, produced and bottled for convenience in a unique bottle with dropper invented.
In labolatoriyata - producer have spent two years in the design and synthesis of this highly purified and potent cocktail feromonalen as through its own high - technology proizvodststvena system are able to modify and improve its constituents in a way that it becomes a unique love potion. And two new formulations / for men and women / possess 5 to 20 times by - powerful concentrations affecting much - quickly and efficiently on the VNO, compared to other similar feromonni additives / supplements for perfume /.
This effort on the fast-acting and sex attractants becomes feromonno extremely powerful - amazing weapon, but only after proper mixing and use.
Directions for mixing the NPA: 
Each bottle of 10 ml. contains between 80 and 90 drops, 8 - 9 drops are equal to 1 milliliter.
While the manufacturer allows the mixing of the entire contents of 10 ml. happen to perfumes to 30 ml., my observations and practical advice they can be up to 20 ml. for - quickly and safely achieve the desired effect. Out of 25 ml. up will severely diluted residual concentration in the new mixture to levels almost undetectable by the human VNO, ie they can no longer play the role of real and active sex attractants. If you want to turn on - much of your favorite perfume in a powerful and sexual love potion which can turn your existing krevatni performance records, then add the additional amount through a whole bottle or dropper of NPA scheme described above.
The end result - you get a unique product, which always smells of your favorite fragrances, as they stand behind our guarantee to be strong enough concentrations - pheromones, unlike the 'finished' yet offered t.nar.parfyumi with pheromones, with unknown impersonal suspicious odors and traces of pheromone nevliyaeshti effectively on VNO.

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Price 90.00 BGN

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Manifacturer of Men's pheromones: Bulgaria

Category: Men's pheromones

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Male pheromone NPA
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