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Male pheromone Liquid Trust

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Male pheromone Liquid Trust
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Description of product "Male pheromone Liquid Trust":

Category: Male pheromones.
LIQUID TRUST e first product of Oxytocin in the world and is specifically designed to create an atmosphere of trust / transfer in liquid''trust''/.
Feel the power of LIQUID TRUST quickly and build links and relationships that never - previously were not possible! This only happens in 3 simple steps: 
LIQUID TRUST 1.Izpolzvayte before any important business or personal meetings, casual or social contacts anywhere and anytime, whenever you are to win someone's trust in connection with anything else. 
2.Vseki, with whom he meet immediately and will be unconsciously influenced by the pure human Oxytocin, which you wear. 
3.Bez to realize in the people around you will build a strong sense of trust and faith. They will be able to explain it, but you'll know LIQUID TRUST is a magician. Experts say Oxytocin - stimulates strong at many of our social behavior: it provokes in people a sense of courage and fearlessness, removes the natural fear and caution when falling into risk or threatening situations for ourselves. Oxytocin - at,''called''hormone of love, can make the behavior of people - brave. Affect the individual's specific mode of acceptance of social risks arising through interpersonal interactions. 
In the case of LIQUID TRUST already patented Oxytocin Analog, powerful and prolonged action, which is a modified peptide based on Oxytocin - a. Shows approximately 60.000% of - a large effect compared with Oxytocin, causing strong feelings of trust and deep connection. 
You will be able to conclude more transactions, the arguments will be much more - convincing in all cases when you want and aims to get the full benefit of your business each contact, conversation or business signing a contract with a potential client or partner; 
- People around you will find it - attractive; 
- All will feel - relaxed and communication in your company;
- People will have a - more willing to consult and listen to your opinion;
- You can earn more respect and respect from everyone around you;
- Your employer will begin your prices higher;
- Will be much more - convincing all job interviews or examination - the fear of failure and distress will disappear completely, even while you're not adequately trained or motivated than those who are dependent, will demonstrate and expression desire and commitment to the agreement with your ideas: 
- Contributions to their sports events or games with a competitive nature, will proceed without any fear and anxiety, while at the same time your opponents or judges will be respected by your presentation; 
- Increasing trust in others, you have the opportunity to receive any information you want, and from whom it was, for the simple reason that they will see in you a man who may have full confidence .. and will tell everything you know. Even for - emotional people can briefly turn to as''a vent their soul, 'bombarded you with endless stories and confessions; 
- Its highest levels rise in your partner's feelings and desire to forgive and forget''''for your negative actions, adultery or betrayal and favors the creation of preconditions for a lasting relationship. 
Many more successful applications can be mentioned, but you can always own guess for them, as they relate to gaining more - much confidence. 
Using the incredible power of Oxytocin, which is in the range of our LIQUID TRUST, you can safely reach even the center of the brain of another person. 
As a result of their production in every human brain Oxytocin - at act as a neurotransmitter, having effects on the central nervous system. As organic chemical nature created it in order to be able to affect positively on the faith and to reduce fear. Moreover, the differences affect how men and women perceive and feel and even dream how to induce them into sexual desire and choice of partner, including the feeling of love. 
Oxytocin - at is produced in large quantities in the brain of a woman during a massage and sex. It plays an important role in shaping the monogamous couple with her sexual partner. It is the cause of desire''and to''gushka in you or be - a strong embrace and pressed against your body and accelerates the path to her orgasm. 
LIQUIDTRUST is bezaromaten spray, which is produced so that it can be used absolutely free and discreetly delivering maximum effectiveness without side effects. Fully compatible with other products offered here, as its parallel use with any of them, ensuring much - greater efficiency and success of each one separately, because the effects of complementarity. 
Instructions for use and dosage 
The normal recommended dose is one spray each side of the neck and one on each wrist, as a result of zhestokoliraneto you maintain a lot - a volumetric aura around you. In response to the need for on - a large audience or group of people allowed in - high doses, even to the splashing of a whole bottle in the air, covering an area of 20 - 30 sq.m. The maximum efficiency of its impact is 1 to 2 hours, fully optimal period for negotiations, arrangements, presentations, business transactions or social contact by slowly reducing its influence and ends at 7 - 8 hours. Not observed negative effects caused by overdosing.
Now is the time to take his great decision, because the greatest solutions come from the head of a man so rare that it is not difficult at all to remember. And that your decision I am sure he will remember for a lifetime. Order Liquid Trust today
and will receive my gift-shattering and overwhelming "Svaliachi COURSE. 
NOTE: This is a REAL GIFT! Affixed to only order the whole product of 7,5 ml. and does not apply to testers. Selling price PROFESSIONAL COURSE FOR FIRST Svaliachi is 155 leva and can be purchased separately in electronic form, without any connection with any product.
Quantity: 7,5 ml. in a bottle - spray
Types of pheromones in the product: Oxytocin - 7,5 ml.

Male pheromone Liquid Trust wholesale: For wholesale orders, please, contact МагазинВелосипеди.com from here.


Price 115.00 BGN

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Male pheromone Liquid Trust
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