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GSM eavesdropping software

Price 390.00 лева
GSM eavesdropping software
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Description of product "GSM eavesdropping software":

Category: Eavesdropping on GSM phones

Software podslushvane.Tuk is a safe place where you can find spyware products that are able to make certain models GSM phones in the form listening devices. Our software is compatible with models running Symbian and Windows operating systems. All Programs offered here are not required during the activation of their work or the use of GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth, Internet or other wireless connections. The only thing to do is to install special software on the phone out of you and sending a SMS from another GSM phone to configure the desired settings. All actions are invisible, hidden and quiet and give you full opportunity for remote operation.
This is the most powerful, most efficient and secure method by which you can control your children, partners, employees, colleagues, friends and others. Actually, you can now control every single person that you want. This special software for GSM-and uses the most advanced and sophisticated spy software resource that did exist and may be offered.
The newest feature of our complete set that includes an option for 100% remote way to manage and settings, ie once installed, you you do not need any more physical access to it.
Its remote control means that by sending different codes of SMS-digit, you can activate or deactivate any of its hidden features, the entire program or to change the aggregate number of that control.
Many others have tried to imitate our extremely powerful special software for GSM phones, but we are only its original suppliers that guarantee a failure to copy the technology with 100% efficiency of action.

NOTE: Our software does not require activation or use of GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth, or other wireless internet connections and sending and storing information received from any server. Its use 100% guarantee you that you're the only one. which has controlled access to phone / CT / spyware and all its functions. Moreover, your license to use it is now, no monthly or annual fees. You pay only once, when his contract.
Our special software is not a virus and therefore does not detect any antivirus program or may somehow damage your other software or hardware of your machine. It works in any country with any GSM operators and is compatible with any phone lingual software.
To be able to complete your order, you should know the IMEI number of controlled phone / CT /, which will install our special software. It's easy to find as neberete from keyboard * # 06 # and it will appear on your screen or look at the factory sticker under the battery, which can be printed by the manufacturer of the phone.
Our special software can be generated solely based on the unique IMEI number of the LC, it is compatible and only works on it, which means that it will be unusable if you install another telephone handset. If you want to install it on another CT scan, you must purchase additional licenses generated on the basis of its own IMEI number.
What exactly is your special software for GSM phones?
Answer: This is a software program that installs the GSM handset / CT /, then it has the ability to secretly record his every activity and is delivered via SMS to your phone. Controlled phone / CT / gives you the opportunity to live in his microphone to hear everything going on around him / speech sound / listen to all incoming and outgoing calls, and to locate his whereabouts.

You suspect that your daughter has fallen into the wrong / bad / company and want to know what happens to it there. Your concerns are obvious, but no evidence of them. How can you quickly find out the truth and to protect future time of trouble?


All you have to do is gift and GSM handset, which is pre-installed our special software.
So for each incoming or outgoing call, which she conducted, you are known as SMS, giving the exact starting time, the phone number of the other participant in the conversation and whether the ring is an incoming or outgoing.
Once you are aware of its ongoing conversation, you immediately call its number, and start listening to their conversations REAL TIME! Each SMS, which it received or sent, and you get it with all of the text with information about the other number, time of departure and by whom to whom it is addressed. As mentioned above, if you call her mobile number, GSM handset without it reacts with any visual or audible indication, his self-activating it through the microphone and start listening to what exactly she leads discussions and with whom. Thus you for a very short time will tell if does not become another victim of a perverted pedophile or addictive drug dealer in January.
Our full set of special software for GSM phones provides:

- Obtain a copy of all incoming and outgoing text messages / SMS-and.
Besides the full text, and get information about other number and time of sending or receiving it.
- Instant notification by text message / SMS / for each incoming and outgoing calls.
The information obtained includes the other number, time of call and whether it is incoming or outgoing call.
- Listen to all incoming and outgoing calls in real time.
After SMS messages currently available for your call, call of CT and start listening to real vreme.Vashiyat microphone throughout that period was interrupted, and thus in their conversation did not interfere with any side sounds, noise or speech from you . During this regime, our software made no audible alarm / / headset to talk, which is always present in any other similar software. If your GSM phone has the technical capability to carry out the recording of telephone conversations, you can use this function and it can record every conversation that you listened.

- Ability to listen through the microphone on CT of everything happening around him.
Whenever you want to call the CT scan, and immediately after the first free signal that you hear are automatically activate its microphone and you start to listen to any conversation that leads around it, any sound or noise. Neither the beginning nor at the time of not listening to KT never light up the screen or keyboard is not activated and no vibration izvanyava. Thus, throughout this period, you make audio monitoring completely anonymous and secret by the user of the LC. The quality of what you hear, is dependent on the distance between LC and sound source, its power, other available ambient noises, etc..
While this feature is activated if the LC made an outgoing call, it automatically stops. If there is an incoming call, LC react the same way and accept the call each phone.

- Every time you put in CT a new SIM card, you immediately receive an SMS with her new number.
In this way you will always know whether the vector of CT has a hidden / secret / SIM card from you, and that through her conversations with leading unregulated persons unknown. If you are aware of its existence, then you will understand and with whom these conversations are held once SMS notifications for them. Then again just ring and a CT purposes izlushvate secret talks.

- Instantly receive SMS notification when the LC is switched off or on.

- Very easy to find your phone if it is stolen or lost. When the new owner activate their own SIM card into the apparatus, you will immediately be notified via SMS to the number and so you can contact him or tell the police and the mobile operator. Additionally, if you search yourself do it after listening to conversations and everything around it, you can easily locate it. Once you already found out about its exact location, if the public only call new number and once see who picked up the phone to answer ...- it's human.

- Remote control via SMS all its functions:
* To change the number from which the control of LC
* To activate or deactivate all or any of its functions
* To uninstall ie completely remove the program from CT
* To restart the software if necessary
* To check the overall status of the program / fuktsii which are active and which inactive.

- Localization of CT in the location of his cell operator with which it is connected at the time of inspection.
After sending an SMS to the CT with the necessary code as you receive a reply with the identity of the service it GSM cell.
They make to them free online, choose from the menu service and competitive operator KT and there if he maintains the basic information necessary for their cells, get its exact location with address and map display.

- The number of controls that do not remain recorded anywhere in the records and archives incoming and outgoing calls, nor ever appears on the screen of the LC.

- Receive status report on the program.
After sending an SMS to the CT with the necessary code as you receive a reply with the correct description of the enable and disable features at the time of your check.

-Fully compatible and working perfectly well with the maps on all mobile operators worldwide.

- Extremely easy to install.
Transfer and install the program from your computer to take time CT Less than 1 min.

- Absolutely undetectable in the menu and LC registers.

- All SMS-s sent by CT to your phone that are directly related to various forms of notification are not present in the folder "Sent" or any other record of the phone not receive confirmations of delivery, and are not displayed the screen by icons in ANY time of dispatch them. The absence of these indications is a software set, fixed and unchanging regardless of the current SMS settings on CT. All described above SMS-s are borne by the holder of the number using CT and its mention in the current invoice.

Our special software will not work if you do not send us the model and the unique IMEI number of the LC. This software can be installed on a machine whose owner does not know and do not know about him and his abilities. This is why the required unique IMEI number of the LC, which we guarantee that you will install software on your phone, which is your property.

This software is not illegal and is not classified as a type of RCC / Special Investigative Resources / and does not belong to Dual PREDAZNACHENIE. nobody nobody prohibit to perform control over children or to check loyalty of their family members. Such programs are sold for many years in all developed countries in the world, USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan and many others / by any legislation limiting their use of the above described applications. In all other cases, irregular use violate any applicable local laws may result in claims and claims by individuals harmed by any abusive use.

Below is summarized by a quote you will see how simple all sites offering such programs are most often their applications, and how through them you will quickly and without problem:
- To catch of adultery MY mate. Statistics show that over 80% of cases commit adultery mate enjoy your mobile phone to contact his secret partner. Usually its number is recorded under another name, such as additional phone a friend or a good general known, a business contact or just use another / secret / SIM card. And if you with or without reason, choose to check "how things are or how much you speak of" frequent "meetings with friends or colleagues, or whether indeed the boss often abnormally increased working hours, and if it does, whether "work" together, or unusually long stay in cosmetics, in the gym or the golf course, or, or, or ...
- If you are an employer, to understand the loyalty of its employees - managers, secretaries, workers, drivers, material makers, ie all of them if you work and pay their salaries. So much easier to determine whether any of them abusing your trust, who's talking behind your back or how uplatnyava his working time, which is a "mole", brought or selling confidential information about current and future business plan competition, which actually is the most loyal and can increase the confidence, or simply - who thinks and works for you and only you who suck, and pulling back.
- If you have joint business with partners, to find out whether any of them do not deceive you, do not own company benefits from your partnership, such as abuse or total financial assets, and does not intent to "unexpected failure" to buy then Title song of your ... Full extent and quality of place in "your absence" negotiations with current and future business partners, and whether general vseodayno work for your welfare and general prosperity or knit complex schemes how to thrusting the knife in your back.
- To find out if ANY OF YOUR relatives are not trying in any way deceive you by sharing a common patrimony.
- Check your best and true friends that really is the case and in your absence, and along it "accidentally" find out the views of the rest of your company for you.
- Monitor Nanny NE, you know the real and relevant to your child, what he speaks, how he brings, what do you ask for, what to tell acquaintances about your family, ie how much can you trust her, passing her hands in control of the child and your home. "
All these basic examples of the use of such software for mobile phones are highly promoted in all sites in the world as a natural reasons for their use can be almost unlimited. Everything described above is known to everyone and is present in every normal human lives, but it gets right here is a paradox. On the one hand, there is hardly anyone who does not want to always knows the truth about themselves and to be lied to, deceived, suffer prejudice, transmitted, misled or even just to mock him, and on the other hand, stands hard and steadfastly - LAW. But he categorically said that no one can eavesdrop or record another without his consent outside the statutory exceptions. That's your paradox is a paradox, but its law is law. He is above all the examples shown here, except control your children and your family.

We do not encourage or use our Targeted to specific software for GSM phones, for any is listed on this site APPLICATIONS. All figures aggregated Quote of how in some of the leading countries in the world he was advertised.

Every citizen is required to comply LAWS OF THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA and brings the criminal RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR VIOLATION.
The supplier of the special software has no guilt and responsibility about any material or moral damage caused to third parties as a result of the use of any of his functions by the owner of CT or other persons who acquired control over it .
Chapter Four Art. 17 ECA
Lack of a general obligation to monitor the information:
The service is not required to monitor the information stored, transmitted or made available to provide information society services, or to seek facts and circumstances indicating the performance of unlawful activity.

Please check several times the information you send. The release of even one mistake on your part will make the software unusable. Once generated the unique IMEI number that you send us, the software is not subject to the reprogramming or any other CORRECTION. In the presence of such problems The supplier has no responsibility and not refundable ANY amount or part of the amount paid once the purchase of software.
After specifying all the details of the contract and payment of special software, send the unique IMEI number through * # 06 #, date and software version by * # 0000 # and model of the apparatus of the email referred to the site. Within 24 hours you will receive your reply with an attached program file and detailed installation instructions and settings. In the event that difficulties please email or contact us by phone at CONTACT. If you wish, we can test and install special software on your machine for a fee of 10 Euro, all transport costs are for your account.

Our special software is compatible with the following brands and models of GSM phones:
NOKIA S60 - 3230, 3250, 5320, 5500, 5630, 5700, 6110, 6120, 6121, 6124, 6210 NAVIGATOR, 6220 CLASIC, 6260, 6600 NON SLIDE, 6670, 6710, 6720, E51, E55, E60, E61, E61i , E62, E63, E65, E66, E70, E71, E75, E90, N73, N76, N77, N78, N79, N80, N81, N82, N85, N86, N91, N95, N96
SAMSUNG - SGH-Z600, SGH-D720, SGH-D750, i400, i450, i520, i550, i560, L870, G810, i7110, i8510 (INNOV8)

LG - KS10 (Joy), KT610, KT615
SONY ERICSSON - M600i, P800, P900, P910, P910i, P990i, P1i, W950i, W960i, G700, G900
PANASONIC - X700, X800
BENQ - P30, P31
FOMA - D702iBCL, D702iF, F902i, F902iS, M1000, MUSIC PX, RAKU III, SH702iS, SH902i, SH902iS, SH902iSL, SE702i, SO902i, SO902iWP

You can buy our ready-made kits - GSM with installed software:

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Nokia 3230 with new panels and original charger, second hand, price 499 lv.

Apparatus may be new with 2 years warranty or second hand 3 months. warranty. For more information, contact us to specify the model, method of payment and delivery.

OUR special software for mobile phones in promotion until the count kolichestata


P P O W E M O N A - 390 EUR

After running out their price will be 590balgarian leva.

GSM eavesdropping software wholesale: For wholesale orders, please, contact МагазинВелосипеди.com from here.


Price 390.00 BGN

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