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Nuts wholesale: For wholesale orders, please, contact МагазинВелосипеди.com from here.
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 Product Name   Manufacturer      Prices+ 
 Fried peanuts   Bulgaria      Price 6.20 лева 
 Roasted peanuts   Bulgaria   Roasted peanuts   Price 6.99 лева 
 notitle   Bulgaria   notitle   Price 9.00 лева 
 Shoko tikveno seed   Bulgaria   Shoko tikveno seed   Price 11.00 лева 
 CHOCOLATE PEANUT   Bulgaria   CHOCOLATE PEANUT   Price 13.00 лева 
 Shoko tiger nut   Bulgaria   Shoko tiger nut   Price 13.00 лева 
 Shoko Currant   Bulgaria   Shoko Currant   Price 14.00 лева 
 Shoko Sunflower   Bulgaria   Shoko Sunflower   Price 14.00 лева 
 Shoko cashews   Bulgaria   Shoko cashews   Price 15.50 лева 
 Chocolate Almond   Bulgaria   Chocolate Almond   Price 15.99 лева 
 Roasted almond nuts   Bulgaria   Roasted almond nuts   Price 17.50 лева 
 Husked walnut   Bulgaria      Price 20.00 лева 
 Chocolate Hazelnut   Bulgaria   Chocolate Hazelnut   Price 20.00 лева 
 Crude hazelnut   Bulgaria   Crude hazelnut   Price 21.00 лева 
 Roasted hazelnut   Bulgaria   Roasted hazelnut   Price 24.00 лева 
 Roasted pistachios   Bulgaria   Roasted pistachios   Price 25.00 лева 
Displaying 1 to 16 (of 16 products)Result Pages:  1 
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Chocolate Almond Chocolate Almond

Chocolate Hazelnut Chocolate Hazelnut

Roasted pistachios Roasted pistachios

Shoko tiger nut Shoko tiger nut


Crude hazelnut Crude hazelnut

notitle notitle

Roasted almond nuts Roasted almond nuts

Shoko cashews Shoko cashews

Shoko Currant Shoko Currant

Shoko Sunflower Shoko Sunflower

Shoko tikveno seed Shoko tikveno seed

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